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Help us ensure their survival and win up to £5,000 each month! Every month, our £1,000 jackpot MUST be won, but some lucky winners (chosen randomly) will bag our £5,000 prize instead.

June's jackpot winner is ticket number 39223!


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What is The Travel Lottery?

The Travel Lottery gives you the chance to win up to £5,000 every month AND help protect the future of your favourite holiday destinations. Quite simply, play The Travel Lottery and the whole planet wins!

Every month a £1,000 jackpot MUST be won, but some lucky winners (chosen randomly) will bag our £5,000 prize.

Proceeds from The Travel Lottery go to UK charity the Travel Foundation:

  • We create opportunities for local people to benefit from tourism.
  • We help protect what makes holiday destinations special – wildlife, the environment and local heritage and culture.
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How will you spend
your winnings?

Perhaps you’ll win back the cost of a holiday you’ve already booked, or you’ll be able to spend your winnings on that dream, once-in-a-lifetime getaway!

Every month a £1,000 jackpot MUST be won, but some lucky winners (chosen randomly) will bag our £5,000 up for grabs every month, you could be joining our lucky winners and contributing to a great cause.

Playing couldn't be simpler

No need to pick numbers. Each ticket costs £2 and the more you buy, the more chances you have of winning.

Step 1This is a monthly subscribed lottery
The subscription is monthly, at the end of this period you will be re-billed so as never to miss a draw

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Step 2Choose the number of £2 tickets per draw
The draw takes place once a month, choose how many £2 tickets you would like in each Travel Lottery draw

Step 3Press Play now to confirm
Next you will enter your payment details, during checkout you can see your total and amend your purchase if you require

Meet the winners

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How your money helps

The Travel Foundation is the UK charity behind the Travel Lottery. AT LEAST 50p from each ticket sold goes directly to support their work in popular holiday destination around the world, using tourism as a ‘force for good’.

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